The next phase of renovation focus is the front bathroom – which has been in a demolished state for nearly two months now to examine plumbing issues that sprang shortly after we bought the house. And by demolished I mean dirt foundation fully exposed. Frightful, no matter how many times Mike assures me it’s “not a bid deal.”

A space that will ultimately serve as my literal love note to California. With sleek, smooth coat plaster walls, a simple shower station, one sunken old wood window that frames a sweet San Clemente suburban dotted hillside, and those beloved classic terra-cotta square tilesĀ (If you follow us on IG and watch stories detailing this renovation you know the fight for terra-cotta was a thing. Mike prefers a more classic white subway style but I was adamant about this Spanish edge to pair with the antique clawfoot we found on craigslist, so the decision came with a struggle)

The hardware will all be very simple too. Aged brass, and handsome. The ceiling being the obvious focal point with it’s slightly curved A framed exposed beams peaking at the center. Painted white like all the Hydra houses I’m eternally obsessed with. California with a splash of Greece. A style of framing that Mike swears has been one of the hardest parts of this whole renovation thus far. And man, we still have a ways to go.

For now, the images give a feel for the inspirational points powering the design in this space. I’ll include product details once we settle on some of these items but all I can say is I’ll be a much better woman when the selection of hand towels is the only pressing issue left for me to contend.