Out of the now seven month renovation count, June showed us the most progress by far. Largely due to two factors: we had that ugly foundation crack dug out and repoured with concrete and rebar, and Mike took a week off of work to tackle a couple of the other most major issues still pressing – relining plumbing in the bathroom, sheerwalling the main room / adding the wide plank siding, taking out a second ceiling and constructing a den space out of what was formerly used as a small dining area

He also (without much warning) decided to open up the entryway by cutting away two feet from each corner. A trim that happened while I was out and initially against but ended up loving because of how much it opened up the entire house. Who knew two less feet at an entrance could make such a difference. An illusion so dramatic that Arlo woke up the next morning (he’d slept through the late night sledged hammered decision) asking us why the house looked so much bigger.

The month’s highlight though was obviously the furniture delivery truck. A generous gift from Room and Board that I will be discussing more at length here soon.

As of now, the whole layout reconfiguration is just about complete. With all the big ugly stuff finally behind us. What we have now is a newly shaped plywood lined house to paint, piece and put back together.

Up next: wood flooring, kitchen build, tile, second boy bedroom (old kitchen has been gutted to offer this)

Here’s hoping July turns out half as productive.

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