The Modern House

A British agency sharing some seriously breath taking homes in urban and rural areas of the UK daily. Both on their blog and Instagram where there is major inspiration to be gleaned from the homes they highlight. I look forward to the updates however they come.

The latest house is one of my favorites. Clare Lattin’s converted factory in Hackney offers some serious decor goals.The light, the pots, the plants, everything. In my opinion a kitchen just doesn’t get much better.

“I’ve spent the last year finding a slower pace of life in the city. Life in London comes with a strange sense that we always need to be participating in something or seeing people because we fear missing out. But, we’re actually missing out on the freedom, the happiness, that comes with slowing down!” – Clare Lattin

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  1. Hi there,
    I’d love to purchase a teepee for my little one in time for the holidays. Please advise if and how we can order. Love yours so so much, it’s the only one I want to purchase for him. xo

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