Flamingo Estate

“In the 1940s, a pair of handsome, determined entrepreneurs arrived in California to build their vision of an earthly paradise high in the hills above Los Angeles. By the ’50s, the flamingo-pink Spanish house at the top of the hill had become a lavish hedonistic enclave, hidden by a lush orchard and dense cactus garden. Over the next seven decades, the Flamingo Estate became the headquarters for a pioneering erotic film company, a creative retreat for photographers and artists, a pirate-radio station, a fanzine publishing company, a political fundraising team, and an unlikely center for cultural self-examination and expanding notions of art.”


Smells Like – Sam Elliott
Sounds Like –Plantasia
Tastes Like – Call a guy
“From culture to horticulture, the goal of Flamingo Estate at Tenemos Garden is to encourage middle fingers and green thumbs — to foster creativity and beauty and pursue creative liberation in everything we do.”
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